Our team on the East Coast

Gr Ch Kobidan Flower Power

Usually shown by Seleena Nichols.


Gr Ch Kobidan Faustus

Usually shown by Seleena Nichols or Sharon Sabbatini.Seen here with Shazzy.


Sup Ch Kobidan Grand Inquisitor

When in Victoria, usually shown by Seleena Nichols. In WA usually shown by Jenny Cattell.


Ch Kobidan Hot to Handle

Shown by Seleena Nichols and friends.


Our team on the West Coast

Sup Ch Kobidan Evolution (AI)

Usually shown by Jenny Cattell.


Sup Ch Kobidan Endeavour (AI)

Usually shown by Jenny Cattell.


Ch/Can Ch LegacyK Par Avion to Kobidan

Usually shown by Jenny Cattell.


Gr Ch Kobidan Hot in the City

Handled by Jenny Cattell.


Our team in the North

Kobidan I am Centre Stage

Ch Kobidan I am Mistress Quickly

Handled by Heather Raabe and Meghan Ripper
Handled by Meghan Ripper and Heather Raabe